A very long time ago, in the state of West Bengal, there was a village named Palasa which was in the Kaatua block’s Mahakumastha in the Bardhaman district. There lived a Krishna devotee named Sarbavouma Ganga Narayan Bidyabachaspati. Once, he arranged a holy pilgrimage for his fellow devotees in his village to Shri Kshetra Puri. He brought along the idol of Shri Radha Madan Mohan along with them.

In the middle of their journey, they decided to take a rest in this very place.

And, while he was sleeping, Bidyabachaspati received the holy command of Lord Madan Mohan himself ‘that a temple should be established for him in the banks of this Salandi River’ which made it holy like the Kalindi River.

Surrounded by the serenity of nature, this holy spot soon grew into an Ashram and a centre of Bhajan-Kirtan. Holy men and Saints frequently visited this place and often found solace here, for which it was named as the ‘Santha- Nagar’ and later it was changed into ‘Santhia’.

Every year there is a celebration to remember the blessed devotee and the establisher of this holy spot Shri Sarbavouma Ganga Narayan Bidyabachaspati. His lineage, the Goswami family now looks after all the rituals of Lord Madan Mohan.

The liberator of Kaliyuga, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, while on his way to Vrindaban through Puri stayed here for five long days. On his last day, while he was leaving, he handed over a piece of cloth on which he was sleeping to the then Mahanta of this Ashram.

And as per his advice, this piece of cloth is well protected and is being worshipped in this ashram.

Every year, after the two days of Ratha Yatra, is celebrated as the holy ‘Hera-Panchami’. On this holy day, this holy fragment of Shri Chaitanya is being made to appear for the devotees and for the common people. Lord Madan Mohan blesses his first devotee Sarbavouma for establishing this temple in his name and guides his soul towards the immense divinity. This ceremony takes place in the most authentic Vaisnava way.

The Lord has stolen milk, has picked up weapons, and has even sacrificed his cloth for his devotees. But it is really rare to ask the Lord for the guidance of our forefathers’ souls on their death anniversary.